AMPLDev Cloud

AMPLDev Cloud 2018-10-25T14:40:17+00:00

AMPLDev cloud provides instant access to guaranteed up-to-date versions of our software suite. Removing all installation processes, AMPLDev Cloud directly links you to remote virtual machines that have configurable processing power. If you need to solve time consuming models, then simply let the solver run on the remote machine without using any local resource. All your data is always saved in the virtual machine, so if you wish to continue working at a later time then the execution may be stopped and restarted at your convenience. Large scale stochastic models and Integer Linear Programming models can be run in powerful AWS virtual machine instances.

Five simple steps to access AMPLDev Cloud:

  • Create an account on AMPLDev cloud
  • Top it up using your credit card
  • Choose the desired operating system, software and hardware configuration
  • Start an instance of the machine
  • Connect to it and use it as if it was your local machine

Start by clicking the image below: