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Financial Modelling and Alternative Data

Let us start with the question "Why quantify?". Quantification is simply the conversion of thoughts and ideas into numbers. Behavioral scientists and domain experts quantify to improve precision of outcomes and decisions. Peter Drucker, who is often referred to as the founder and thinker on modern management, once said - "If you can't measure it, you can’t manage it".

3 June 2021|Blog|

Our Award-Winning Research Paper

OptiRisk is proud to announce that our research paper – “Forecasting crude oil futures prices using global macroeconomic news sentiment” is awarded the “Best Paper in 2020” by the IMA Journal of Management Mathematics. The paper is on our research on a modelling approach that employs global macroeconomic news sentiment to predict stock volatility or futures prices of crude oil.

17 December 2020|Blog|

OptiRisk Online Events 2020: From COVID-19 to AI, ML & Sentiment Analysis

All aspects of our lives: political, economic, social and technological (PEST) have been adversely affected by COVID-19. The impact on financial markets has been unprecedented and much more than any other major financial crises the global financial community has ever witnessed.

21 September 2020|Blog|

Asset Allocation Strategies: Enhanced by News

Traders and quantitative fund managers are always in the hunt for asset allocation strategies for trading and/or portfolio rebalancing. Their aim is to find the best absolute return or alpha. OptiRisk Systems has reported research results of enhancing asset allocation strategies with news sentiment.

24 July 2020|Blog|

About Sentiment Enhanced Signals: SES™

OptiRisk’s proprietary stock trading signals product. The investment industry manages funds in excess of $60tn globally. Passive fund management has seen an accelerated growth. Whereas managers of 'Active' funds seek to deliver a return in excess of a given market (index) and charge fees of 0.3- 1.0% per annum;

4 March 2020|Blog|

Some highlights from our new blog post:
- Importance of quantifying in financial modelling
- The dilemma of 'data before model or model before data'?
- Emerging Alternative Data sources
- Challenges in adoption of Alternative Data
👉🏼 Read at full here: https://t.co/4kYGDhO7Za

Our new #blog post starts with discussion on notions of quantification and financial modelling.
Our main focus in this blog is on the recent boom of 'Alternative Data', its advantages & drawbacks📈

👉🏼 Read the full blog post here: https://t.co/4kYGDhO7Za

#alternativedata #AI

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