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Gautam Mitra
Gautam MitraFounder and Managing Director
Prof Mitra is an internationally renowned research scientist in the field of Operational Research in general and computational optimization…Read more
Christian Valente
Christian ValenteChief Technology Officer
Dr Valente has a bachelor’s degree , first class honors in Computer Science and subsequently an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from…Read more
Shrey Jhunjhunwala
Shrey JhunjhunwalaChief Business Development Officer
Shrey is a Computer Science graduate of Amity University; he has subsequently worked with Hindustan Times in the area of Customer Marketing…Read more
Cristiano Arbex Valle
Cristiano Arbex ValleSenior Software Engineer and Consultant
Dr Valle has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MSc in Operations Research from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG)…Read more
Christina Erlwein-Sayer
Christina Erlwein-SayerSenior Quantitative Analyst and Researcher (Associate)
Dr Erlwein-Sayer works on the topic of financial analytics in general and models and tools for portfolio construction and credit…Read more
Zryan Sadik
Zryan SadikQuantitative Analyst and Researcher
Dr Sadik has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Salahaddin University – Erbil in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. After working as an IT technician…Read more
Shradha Berry
Shradha BerryData Scientist and Research Analyst
Shradha joined OptiRisk Systems in October 2019 as a Data Scientist and Research Analyst. She has over 5 years’ experience in software development with TCS, India…Read more
Sarah Amin
Sarah AminHead of Digital Marketing and Communication
Sarah is a graduate of Amity University in Mass Communication & Journalism. She is the Social Media Marketing lead for the two associated companies OptiRisk Systems …Read more
Yuanqi Chu
Yuanqi ChuIntern and Sponsored PhD Candidate
Yuanqi joined OptiRisk Systems in October 2020. She is an industry sponsored PhD student in the Department of Mathematics, Brunel University…Read more
Ravi Kashyap
Ravi KashyapSenior Consultant and Quantitative Analyst (Associate)
Ravi Kashyap has worked in New York and Hong Kong, two leading financial markets. He gained his experience …Read more
Alexander Gladilin
Alexander GladilinResearch Associate
Alexander is the CEO of a start-up company Transolved, and a research associate of OptiRisk. He is also a Doctoral Researcher at the Mathematics Department of…Read more
Salwee Amin
Salwee AminExecutive Assistant to CEO
Salwee is a graduate of Calcutta University (Bhawanipur Education Society College; Master of Commerce (Accounting and Finance: First Division)). She joined OptiRisk…Read more
Arkaja Chakraverty
Arkaja ChakravertySenior Research Associate
Arkaja is a dynamic academic actively engaged in research in the domain of corporate finance and financial markets…Read more
Kieu Thi Hoang (Anna)
Kieu Thi Hoang (Anna)Financial Analyst and Relationship Manager
Kieu has a bachelor’s degree (with high distinction) in International Economics from Foreign Trade University…Read more
Alessandro Porrino
Alessandro PorrinoSenior Associate (Consultant)
Dr Porrino has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Politecnico di Torino University and a PhD in Industrial Quality Controls from Brunel University…Read more
Abhay Kumar Pandey
Abhay Kumar PandeyQuant Trader
Abhay is a graduate of St. Xavier’s college, Ranchi (Year: 2020). He holds a degree in B. Com (Honours with First Division). Abhay’s interests and career ambitions…Read more


Cormac Lucas
Cormac LucasTechnical Director
Dr Lucas has extensive knowledge of Mathematical Optimization and Software Tools for (algebraic) Optimization Modelling…Read more
Frank Ellison
Frank EllisonPrincipal Consultant (Retired)
Dr Ellison worked as a Senior Research Associate in CARISMA at Brunel University. He has a long-standing experience of developing large-scale…Read more
Csaba Fabian
Csaba FabianVisiting Researcher
Dr Fabian has 15 years’ experience in optimization and decision support modelling; in particular he specialises in computational models for decision…Read more
Diana Roman
Diana RomanConsultant and Research Associate
After completing her PhD under late Professor Darby-Dowman and Professor Mitra, Dr Roman joined OptiRisk Systems as a software developer…Read more
Humberto Brandão
Humberto Brandão
Dr. Brandão has knowledge of Machine Learning and Combinatorial Optimization. He is also an expert in Data Science applied to financial…Read more
Ronald Hochreiter
Ronald Hochreiter
Ronald is Principal Investigator of the project ReKlaSat 3D (Reconstruction and Classification of Satellite Images) using contemporary Deep Learning technologies…Read more