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OptiRisk specializes in optimization and risk analytics and is renowned for its research and development of models and software systems in these domains. In the domain of Sentiment Analysis, OptiRisk is a partner of Thomson Reuters and RavenPack. The company has researched and published the Handbook of News Analytics in Finance and Handbook of Sentiment Analysis in Finance.

Sentiment Enhanced Signals (SES) is a daily trading signals product that has been developed with this domain knowledge to consolidate market data and news (meta) data, connecting sentiment analysis to financial models. The other domain of specialization of OptiRisk is Stochastic Optimization; the company is a certified IBM partner (Optimization Modelling) in the UK and in India. In the domain of optimization the company has developed a family of Algebraic Modelling Language (AML) tools which are specifically designed for modelling and solving a wide range of stochastic programming and robust optimization problems.

The company has a track record of successfully delivering tailored applications in finance, logistics and energy systems.

Professor Gautam Mitra and Dr Cormac Lucas set up OptiRisk Systems in the year 2000. In the early days (2000- 2008) the company used to draw upon the research results of CARISMA: The Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Optimization Modelling Applications, Brunel University. CARISMA was a world class research centre founded by Professor Mitra. Since 2009 Gautam Mitra has held a visiting Professorship (honorary) in the department of Computer Science (UCL); with Computational Finance specialization. The source of research results has accordingly shifted.The focus of the leading edge products and services offered by the company have also evolved. Almost all the members of the technical team possess research degrees. The team members are drawn from an international background and between them speak a wide variety of languages, thus enabling OptiRisk to interact with clients from across the globe.

our mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

To deliver novel yet tailored optimization and risk analytics solutions across the globe by exploiting cutting edge research.

our vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

To lead the innovation of optimization, risk modelling and financial analytics solutions.

our values

Our Values

Our Values

Maintain a culture of research, innovation, co-operation, commitment and trust.

Accreditation and Recognition

9001 2015 LOGO

OptiRisk has been awarded with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, an internationally recognised standard for quality administration system of a business.

IIP logo

Optirisk has been awarded with silver accreditation for Investor in People, marking its commitment through employees.