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AMPLDevSP is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on the popular Eclipse development platform; in essence it is a graphical interface for AMPL. In addition to linear programming model and integer programming model it also supports Stochastic Programming (SP), that is, optimization under uncertainty.

The stand-alone application comes to you as a complete bundle with all the necessary components: AMPL, Java and a number of established solvers (CPLEX, Gurobi, FortSP, IPOPT and others)

Key Features

  • A smart editor with context-sensitive syntax highlighting.
  • Efficient error reporting with the ability to instantly go to the error location.
  • Stochastic programming support through SP constructs and FortSP solver
  • A solution view which organises and separates the results from the solving model.
  • A project explorer that allows you to organise all your projects and corresponding folders with useful context menus that directly allow you to run AMPL files.
  • Built-in interactive AMPL console.
  • Outline view that shows the model components: parameters, sets, variables, objectives and constraints.

Who can use AMPLDevSP?

AMPLDevSP can be used by anyone who is considering an algebraic modelling language and would like a quick and easy way to start off the process of learning AMPL, and even for those who are already using AMPL and would like a modern IDE for this language.

The common areas that use such a tool are distribution, production, scheduling and other areas that have large scale optimization problems.

*Complete AMPLDevSP Manual

The complete version of the AMPLDevSP Manual which includes examples with source code and algebraic formulations is available in the Download of AMPLDevSP, or please send an email to: