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This is our quarterly newsletter; through this we share with the wider community in the finance sector information about our recent activities.

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OptiRisk UK


  • OptiRisk Systems on behalf of its partner IBM (UK) commissioned “Optimisation & Risk Management Forum in the Financial Services Sector”. The event was managed by UNICOM and took place on 10 April. It was well attended and highly acclaimed by techno-executives from the BFSI sector of the “city”. OptiRisk and IBM are planning to organise a further event for the Financial Services Sector in the last quarter of 2013.

Forthcoming Events

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we are offering special price of £450 +VAT for combined booking of Conference + Pre-conference workshop

Other Events OptiRisk is attending

  • We are a silver sponsor at the 26th EURO - INFORMS Conference on Operational Research 1 – 4 July, Rome, and will be making a presentation on our products.
  • We are an exhibitor and sponsor at the International Conference on Stochastic Programming to be held in Bergamo, Italy on 8 – 12 July. We will be running a 4-hour workshop on Optimisation Modelling within this event.


Our Optimisation and Risk Management webinars for the Financial Services Sector can be viewed through

Watch here

The following is the list of planned webinars

  • How to Front Run HFT Trading

    2May @12.00Pm BST

    Presented by: Peter van Kleef, Lakeview

  • Building Country Sentiment Indicators for Global Macro Trading

    15 May @ 04.00Pm BST

    Presented by: Peter Hafez, RavenPack

Watch here

  • Inside the Global Brain: How sentiment trends in news and social media influence global equity and currency values

    24 May @13.00PM BST

    Presented by: Richard Peterson, MarketPsych

  • Financial Planning / Quant Models: 5 June @ 13.00PM BST

    Presented by: To be announced

Progress with Software Tools

AMPL is a leading algebraic modelling language for creating linear and non-linear optimisation models, connects to many solvers and is a well-established tool used by academics and industry based modellers. OptiRisk has developed stochastic extensions to the AMPL language (SAMPL) designed to capture alternative Stochastic Programming models and Robust Optimisation formulations. For the processing of stochastic models, SAMPL connects to specialised solvers like FortSP, a decomposition based solver for SP. FortSP in turn is built around embedded solvers: FortMP, CPLEX and Gurobi.

The collaboration between OptiRisk and AMPL has been growing over the years. Recently the two companies started a partnership to extend the range of products in the AMPL family. An IDE and AMPL API have been developed by OptiRisk in partnership with AMPL Optimization Inc and added to the product family.

A list of AML tools based on AMPL

  • AMPL IDE (IP of AMPL Optimization Inc): A basic GUI for AMPL, based on Eclipse
  • AMPL API (IP of AMPL Optimization Inc): A class library which is used to exploit AMPL features from multiple programming environments, such as Java, .NET, Matlab and R.
  • AMPLDev (IP of OptiRisk Systems): Enhanced GUI for AMPL which includes SAMPL and is also based on Eclipse.
  • AMPL Optimization Inc attended INFORMS the Practice meeting at San Antonio and demonstrated AMPL IDE as well as AMPL API.

OptiRisk India


  • Optirisk India has developed  “OptiRisk Route Planning and Scheduling Software (ORPSS)  a scheduling software capable of handling real life constraints like multiple carriers, split deliveries, time windows, heterogeneous fleets, different transportation modes,  multi commodity and multi warehouse dispatch . A video on the product demo is located at: ORPSS

Software Sales

The new clients of OptiRisk India are listed below:

  • Axtria India private limited
  • NIT Rourkela

Other News Items

  • Bala. P was invited to chair the round table discussion jointly organized by "Logistics Alliance of Germany" and "CII Institute of Logistics" - More details are at: OptiRisk Blog


OptiRisk India along with its partners IBM and Redington organized a seminar on “Optimization & Automation in supply chain for manufacturing companies”. The presentation is located here

Partner Institutions

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This Newsletter was compiled by Aqeela Rahman