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OptiRisk Systems offers training in optimisation and related tools. We have highly experienced professionals who provide Linear and Integer programming training in your specified areas at our West London office, where we have the full computing facilities. We believe training is the fastest way to adopt a state-of-the-art Optimisation Solution.

Our training is suitable for developing decision support systems and applications to match specific requirements. We deliver regular hands-on workshops on Mathematical programming and its extensions.The main training programmes are set out below.

  • Introduction to Optimisation and its applications,
    covering Linear and Integer Programming (PDF)
  • Decision Making under Uncertainty, covering Stochastic Programming (PDF)
  • Financial Planning, covering (Integer) Quadratic Programming (PDF)
  • Robust Portfolio Optimisation (PDF)
  • LDI/ALM Workshop (PDF)
  • Risk Control & Acceptability Measures (PDF)
  • News Analytics (PDF)
  • Financial Risk Manager (PDF)

If you need further information or are interested to arrange this training please email to or call on 00 44 (0) 1895 819 483/488.