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RavenPack Analytics are designed to help you spot trading opportunities and enhance your trading strategies, to generate alpha and more effectively manage risk.

Product Summary

RavenPack News Scores measure the news sentiment and news flow of the global equity market based on all investable equity securities. News scores include analytics on more than 10,000 compa-nies in 70 countries and covers 98% of the investable global market. All relevant news items about companies are classified according to their sentiment, relevance, and market impact

Facts Sheet:

News scores represent a quantification of financial news, and specifically news sentiment about traded assets. These scores are produced by detecting the tone and potential impact of market-moving stories published about a specific company. Calculations are performed in real-time to pro-duce continuously updated scores between 0 and 100. Higher values indicate positive news senti-ment whereas lower values indicate negative sentiment. Scores hovering around 50 depict neutral sentime nt..

Company-level news scores include one master score and individual supporting scores. Each score is calculated using a different linguistic classifier. A classifier is an algorithm designed to assess the overall sentiment of a stock by detecting language within stories that is likely to drive prices upward or downwards over a given period of time.

Some classifiers specialize in deriving news sentiment according to the type of story (i.e. corporate actions like earnings announcements or press releases on product recalls and layoffs). Others emu-late how a group of sophisticated analysts would likely rate a news item in terms of potential impact on price or traded volume.

Finally, RavenPack classifiers take into account how markets tend to respond historically to particu-lar types of news by mining years of news archives.

News Sentiment in Milliseconds
By leveraging diverse news sources, sophisticated machine learning sentiment engines and intuitive delivery formats, RavenPack’s news analytics represent the new alpha-capturing inputs increasingly sought after by financial institutions. RavenPack’s news sentiment accuracy and analytics have been rigorously tested and are in use by some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Global coverage: More than 10,000 companies

  • Multi-year historical archive for back-testing
  • Utilizes multiple linguistic analysis techniques
  • Low latency news event processing
  • API access to news scores in real-time
  • Fully hosted solution (Software as a Service)